Things to Do When You Sell a Home





Once you sign the final paperwork:

Submit your deposit cheque to your Realtor
Select a lawyer and advise your Realtor
2-3 weeks before you move:
Buy or obtain boxes and other moving supplies
Call Utility Companies, or visit their websites, and arrange for a final reading and/or transfer to next property:
Union Gas  1(888)-774-3111
Hydro One  1(888)-664-9376
Quinte Cablevision  (613) 476-2722
Bell Canada - Phone  310-2355
Bell Canada - Internet 310-7873
Bell Canada - TV  1(888)-759-3473
KOS - Internet  1(800)-208-0086
Eastlink - Cable and Internet  (613) 438-0090
Propane - Gerow - (613) 475-2414
Propane - Greer - (613) 399-1017
Furnace Oil - Dmytar-Rosebush  (613) 476-9828
Furnace Oil - Prince Edward Fuels  (613) 476-3601
Hot Water Tank - Reliance 1(888) 837-1451
Obtain Address Change postcards from the post office, and meet your local postal team at the same time.  Send out address changes in time for your new mail to start arriving on moving day.
It's courteous, although not legally required, to leave any existing fire extinguishers in the home when you move.  If there aren't any in your new home, purchase up-to-date ones and know that you are protected.
If you have some odd jobs that need doing after you move in, we have a couple of excellent handymen to recommend that do carpentry, painting, small drywall jobs, some plumbing, grass cutting & yard clean-up.